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Absolutely Worth the Investment!

I have worked at 3 different companies in the past 10 years. My Career Coach and Resume Writer, Courtney, helped me earn all 3 of these jobs. She took the time to discuss my career goals and objectives with me. She asked several questions about my past experiences and pointed out strengths I didn’t realize I had. Once she understood my level of skills and abilities, she redesigned my resume to focus on the things that were most relevant to the employer and made sure my best attributes stood out. My resume was specifically designed for each one of these positions. She explained how applicant tracking systems work and shared why it is important to understand that process when creating a resume. She also wrote my Cover Letters and Reference pages. I was called in for an interview immediately after I submitted my new resume. Courtney also coached me on possible interview questions specific to the job I was applying to. We walked through how to approach each interview question and best practices for forming my answers. I was prepared when the time came for my interview and salary negotiations. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a career to work with Courtney. She’s extremely professional, very responsive, and has complete knowledge of the current hiring process and what hiring managers are looking for. I truly believe that my success was possible because of the work she did in writing my resume and preparing myself for interviews. Absolutely worth the investment!


Carolina Willis, MBA

Account Executive, Wells Insurance

“Thank You for Providing a Complete Service”

The skills that my resume writer possess have given me the employment opportunity that I have today. Her talent and training, as a career coach and a resume writing consultant, gave me a competitive edge and the opportunity to be considered a top candidate for the job that I have today. Because of this, I have continued to move up within the ranks of the company. I also continue to receive job opportunities after recruiters and hiring managers view my resume and profile on LinkedIn, some of which I have never applied for or shown any interest. You will not be sorry if you allow TailorMade Resume to strengthen your resume and provide you with needed direction. Thank you, Mrs. Norris, for providing a complete service!


Geoffrey Ford

Field Service Engineer, Nautilus Hyosung

“This was my Dream Job, and with So Much on the Line, I was So Thankful to have Her on My Side.”

I haven’t needed a resume in over 25 years. So needless to say, when I had to put one together rather quickly, I didn’t even know where to start. My professional resume writer at TailorMade Resume helped me organize my thoughts, experiences, and achievements. She put an impressive resume together for me in just a couple of hours. It highlighted my career in a very effective manner. I was called in for an interview and then offered a position right away. This was my dream job, and with so much on the line, I was so thankful to have her on my side. I trusted her expertise and advice and it certainly paid off. I would recommend TailorMade Resume and their career services to anyone looking for a career change or simply a better opportunity for themselves.


Dan Willis

Head Men’s Wrestling Coach, University of Mount Olive

“Most Professional and Actually Brought me Results!”

I was taught how to construct a resume while I was in college and also had many people review it to give their modification suggestions. When I graduated from culinary school and started to apply to baking and pastry food service management positions, I still felt like my resume didn’t allow me to put my best foot forward, so I sought out TailorMade Resume for professional advice. Working with my professional resume writer and career coach was a very easy process! I gave her the resume I was working with and answered some questions related to education, job experience, my professional outlook, and what my goals were. She rewrote my resume and made it look so professional and something that I could be proud of. On the resume, she showed why I should be hired and highlighted my accomplishments as a pastry chef and baker. She gave me extra hints on how to make my resume stand out from other people applying for the same jobs. She also helped me with my References by telling me to call all the people I wanted to use as references and tell them I was looking for a job. My professional resume writer and career coach prepared me to feel confident for my interview. After many people gave their resume opinions and changes, her resume design was the most professional and actually brought me results! She made sure everything was perfect and I took all of her suggestions. TailorMade Resume was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who needed help with their job search.


Sabrina Venturini

President, Creations by Sabrina

“She Took the Time to Understand my Goals and Interests”

I cannot thank my resume writer with TailorMade Resume enough for the work she's done to help me put together a fantastic resume and cover letter. For the past several years, I've changed careers and fields, and every single time, she has helped me put together a winning resume. She took the time to understand my goals and interests, and was able to highlight my experiences and skills in an effective manner that gave me a competitive advantage. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a career change or new opportunity to seek out TailorMade Resume's resume writing and career coaching services.


Michelle Riccio

Senior Compliance Officer, Raymond James Financial

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